Tillamook Road

I was given a small collection of American N-gauge rolling stock as a legacy from a family friend. Also I had received a ‘Cotton Belt’ locomotive and some rolling stock as a wedding anniversary present some years ago for our ‘cotton anniversary’. This stock didn’t have anywhere to display it, so I have built a small diorama. This is set somewhere in the middle of the USA where some sidings exist where there are some grain silos more or less in the middle of nowhere. A road crosses the tracks and there is a small diner and some other buildings.

This whole diorama fits into a standard Ikea shelf and is thus very compact. It is wired up for shunting but is primarily a static display model. The name Tillamook Road was chosen as the friend who left me the legacy lived in Tillamook County, Oregon.

The track layout is very simple, there is a main running line with two sidings and to the rear of this are two further tracks which are not connected (the junction is imagined ‘off scene’) for storing wagons.