Aberddu Yard

Aberddu Yard is a compact shunting layout depicting a small maintenance yard somewhere in the Cardiff area in the late 1980s or 1990s. It is 4 feet wide by a little under 2 feet deep and is designed to be stored under a bed, meaning that the height of the layout is significantly constrained. It can work with or without a small fiddle yard attached.

The track plan is quite complex to allow for operational interest in such a small area. It is built around two 3-way points and a single slip which means that several shunting moves are required to move locos around the layout.

Track is Peco code 100. The layout is controlled via a Lenz DCC system and points are moved by standard SEEP motors controlled via a DCC Concepts Cobalt decoder. The underneath of the layour is shown below:

The scene is set in Cardiff through the selection of rolling stock, the ubiquitous ‘Brains Beers’ bridge to the right hand side and various other signage. The buildings are a mixture of different depot sheds, several of which are arranged in half-relief to give a greater sense of size. The backdrop is from the Gaugemaster range and is local being of the Port Talbot skyline.

The layout made its exhibition debut at the Spa Valley Railway model railway show in September 2021 where it hosted a collection of class 33 locomotives in addition to other rolling stock. Although not complete with a number of details still to be added the layout was well received.

Since being exhibited a number of extra details have been added to the layout including a Cardiff bus to set the location, numerous small details, lights and a class 37 being broken up. This has been modelled using an old Lima locomotive fitted with a representation of the engine block and with some roof panels cut away.