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Bearham Signal Box Interior

The signal box at Bearham is a very old Hornby R503 one from the time of my first train set which was a gift from my grandparents so it has been retained from layout to layout as it has sentimental value. However the inside was a mess from an attempt to fit lighting when I was very much younger. At Warley 2019 Sarah got me a Severn Models signal box interior kit. I’ve fitted this into the signal box on a new false floor to cover where the unrealistic moulded interior was cut away. I also fitted a new false rear wall made of card to hide the moulded block that represented the levers. LED lighting has been fitted into the roof so that the interior can be glimpsed through the windows. The levers have been painted to represent a reasonable selection of red (for signals), black (for points), blue (for facing point locks) and white (unused) that would work with the track plan.