TrainSpeed is a very simple applicaton that allows you to measure the equivalent real speed of a model train. It looks very much like an on screen stop watch. By measuring a defined distance around your layout and then using the start/stop button, you can check the speed of your trains. This is shown in mph once the stop button is pressed.

In order to use, download the setup zip file from below and then run setup.exe within it. This will install TrainSpeed for you. When you first run it you will be asked for the measured distance - this defaults to 528cm which equates to a quarter of a mile at 4mm/ft. The program will then launch. There is a menu option to select the scale (N, OO or O) and another menu item that shows the distance. This can be changed at any stage by clicking on it. To check the speed, press the 'Start' button as your train enters the measured distance. This then changes to 'Stop' - press it again when your train reaches the end of the measured distance and the equivalent speed will be displayed.!

Click Here to download the full installation zip file (1.8Mb) - this is a full installation.

Alternatively click here to just download the exe file (24k) - this will only work if you already have the VB6 runtime libraries installed on your PC, so if in doubt use the full download above.

This software is supplied as freeware and you install and use it at your own risk. It is written in VB6 and tested on Windows XP Home although it should work on any other version of Windows.