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The layout is fully detailed with scenery. The two stations take up a large amount of the space but there are lots of other details - shops behind Bearham, a small village with a church in an otherwise useless corner, a mill and canal and a scrap yard. The layout is mainly flat but on two levels, with the transition between the two levels rising up behind Tedford station on arches. Where there are hills these are made in the traditional way with modroc over formers. Scatter material is mainly Woodland Scenics, as is the ballast, but this has been weathered with track dirt spray paint. Buildings are a real mixture - Metcalfe, ScaleDale, Airfix etc. Tedford station is a Faller kit that I purchased built and have tried to make look a little more 'English'. Bearham station is aMetcalfe kit which has hada cut and shut done to make it a little bit narrower. I have tried to put in a number of cameo scenes around the layout. The following photos given an idea...

Bearham - shed in the yard and shops   The scrap yard
On the left is Bearham station. The hut in the forground is a modified Hornby kit inherited from my brother-in-law. The station canopies are standard Hornby but fitted with lights. The buildings begind are Superquick and Metcalfe. On the right is the scrap yard - the wagons rarely leave!

The village park and pub   The village church
Tedford village seems to be stuck in a time-warp, or the inhabitants like old cars! There's plenty going on including a wedding and a funeral in the church.

An artist near Bearham   Tedford Station and the village
The sheep don't seem to mind the artist! The sky background at Bearham is OK but I think it could be better - I'm not a great artist. The photo on the right shows how Tedford village sits over the tracks. Note the posters and recycling bins at the end of the station car park.

Buses at Tedford   Tedford car park and Burger King
The front of Tedford station is pretty busy with buses and cars. There is a Burger King at the end of the car park.

The Canal   Tedford car park and Burger King
A class26 sits idle with the snowploughs by the canal where new houses are being built. A Sainsbury's lorry passes Bearham Station as a class 66 driver eats his breakfast in the cab.