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My layout is featured in Issue 146 of Model Rail (September 2010). Chris Nevard has taken some lovely photos.

Since the article was written there have been some more developments which can be found on the 'Current Projects' page. Model Rail and Chris Nevard have also very kindly allowed me to put some of the photos which weren't used in the article on my site - see the 'Photo Gallery' page.

In 2005 we moved house and my old layout Southlands Junction had to be dismantled. In September 2005 I started construction of my new layout, Tedford and Bearham. This is located in a spare room which was fitted out especially for the layout measuring around 15ft by 7ft. After around two years the layout was fully operational and all basic scenery completed although there has been continuous development ever since and there is always scope to add plenty more fine detail.

Old and New - an HST and Deltic at Tedford

The main aim of the layout was to have somewhere to run my large collection of rolling stock and a key design factor was to fit as much stock as possible onto the layout, but to try not to make it feel too overcrowded. The original design largely achieved this but did not allow much scope for shunting operations. Some recent changes to the track plan have provided more opportunities for shunting by adding two new storage tracks which are not under the top level, adding a new siding to the top level station (Bearham), adding a large number of lower level storage sidings and re-arranging the sidings by the canal.

Diesels in Tedford Depot   A 108 and 156 at Bearham station

A large amount of scenic items from the old layout have been re-used, along with pointwork. Nearly everything used is fairly readily available but it may have been modified and weathered. My stock collection has evolved over the last few years with the most obvious change being the locomotives - it is important to me that locos run well and many older Lima locos have been replaced to achieve this. I have a mixture of modern image and steam stock and run what I want to although the majority of my stock could be placed into the 1990s era.

A view over Tedford station   Tedford Diesel Depot

The layout is controlled using DCC. This is based around a Lenz system with a custom designed software control system. All the points and signals are controlled via this system. The main interface to the control system is via a touchscreen.

An HST passes the scrap yard sidings   A shunter rests in Bearham yard

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