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The layout has taken about 4 years to build. Before starting the room was redecorated and a laminate floor was laid. Planning and construction then began. These photos show various stages of progress. Hover over them for more details.

Very early stages of construction showing the fiddle yardand swing section   Track laid at Tedford but no scenery

Tedford taking shape, the ballast is not complete or weathered   More progress but ballast still missing on the branch and no small details. The footbridge has since been replaced with a new Ratio model

Detail of the end of Tedford Station and the branch bridge   Very early stages of construction at Bearham

Bearham Engine Shed takes shape   The fiddle yard under Bearham Engine Shed (which is lifted)

The following photos show the same section of the layout at varying stages of construction from initial planing to near completion:

Step 1: Initial Planning
Step 2: Track down and some structures in place
Step 3: Most scenery complete
Step 4: All scenery complete, note changes at the rear

Note that the track layout in the depot has since been revised for better operation - see Current Projects