The Turntable

The turntable is a standard Peco kit with 1 entrance road and 7 exit roads which run in to the engine shed area. The kit was built as normal and then painted and weathered - the metalwork is painted with Humbrol metalcote gun metal colour which has then been polished up. The pit is painted to represent concrete and the edge is lined with a tipex pen - an easy way to get a fine white line which will immediately looks slightly weathered. A suitable hole was cut in the baseboard which in this area of the layout is still the original insulation board, so additional wooden braces were required under the turntable, linked to the main wooden supports.

The turntable is motorised using a variable-reduction gear kit from Maplins. This has been mounted onto one of the wooden braces and drives the turntable via a spur wheel. The shaft from the turntable is mecanno, as the Peco kit is designed to take this diameter. The shaft cog needed its centre hole to be opened out to accept this. The end of the shaft is held in place by a bent metal bracket.

A close up of an A4 on the turntable

The motor is connected to a ZTC 215 DCC decoder which is powered from the track and set to address 99. The turntable track feed is connected without any modification.

A wider view of the turntable and engine shed area
The turntable mechanism