Track & Baseboards

The layout is built in a loft and a wooden framework was constructed with a top surface made of insulation board. This was definitely a mistake as the extreme temperatures in the loft have caused this to warp in certain places. More recent additions such as the engine shed area have been surfaced with MDF which is far more robust, and I have rebuilt the branch area and fiddle yard with MDF to overcome problems. The area under the baseboards is used to house the spare stock and of course all the other junk that lives in a loft. It's been hidden away behind some curtains that extend all around the layout. The loft hatch opens into the middle of the layout and in this area the floor is carpeted.

A view of the up fiddle yard, the edge of the brach area is just visible   The main through tracks of the fiddle yard

All the track is Peco code 100 with insulfrog pointwork. All the points are motorised, mainly with SEEP motors, but I have also used some Peco motors. Ballasting is done in the usual way using a mix of ballasts which is then sprayed with track dirt paint. The turntable is a Peco kit, motorised using a Maplins gear-reduction motor kit. (More Info)

A view looking across the main station   The engine shed area