Rolling Stock

The collection is predominantly modern image, especially from the BR blue era which is the period during which I first started being interested in railways. However, I tend to run what I like and have recently added some of the superb new steam engines from Hornby and Bachmann - the heritage centre in the engine shed gives a perfect excuse for this! Locos are mainly a mixture of Bachmann, Hornby and Lima with a couple of Heljan class 47s. I have found that the Lima models don't run very well under DCC and so they are gradually being replaced or fitted with extra pickups and ultrascale wheels which does improve their running. I have a large collection of coaches and wagons from Hornby, Lima, Bachmann and Dapol, more than can be accomodated on the layout at any one time. I always try and make each individual train fairly realistic in itself although there will no doubt be several trains from different eras on the layout at any one time. I have replaced all plastic wheels with metal ones to give better running and to reduce the need for track cleaning.

A busy time in the station sidings   Diesels on Shed

Some of the stock is weathered, although I have not weathered some of the new locos as it seems a shame to hide the excellent finish. In time I will probably weather all the stock. I do this using dry brushing and a dirty paint mix, with some application of track dirt colour on the underframe or with weathering powders. I also try to add extra details such as electrification warning transfers to the older coaches and wagons. A couple of the locos have been completely repainted - such as a Lima class 20, 20209 shown below. This particular loco has now been de-motored and put in a pair with a new Bachmann class 20.

A repainted Lima Class 20   A Bachmann 4MT in the engine shed

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