The mainline through station is at a lower level than the town it serves. A long retaining wall runs the length of the station. This was made from pre-formed foam sections available form my local model shop. The station building itself is a Hornby waiting room kit that is placed on a approach road that crosses the tracks and the platforms are reached by a footbridge construction form two modified Heljan kits. The high street above the retaining wall has shops from Metalfe and Superquick whilst the church is a Hornby kit.

The main station approach   The high street

From the main station the tracks run past the engine shed and heritage centre which are built from Peco and Modern Structures in Miniature kits. The main line then runs over a viaduct near where the loft hatch is (the baseboard is narrower here and at a lower level). The water is faller plastic sheet over a gravel base. The tracks then disappear into a tunnel mouth that gives access to the fiddle yard which is behind the branch line area. The other end of the fiddle yard is covered by a park area from under which the tracks re-emerge in twin tunnel mouths to the main station. Just above the tunnel mouths is a small road where some roadworks are taking place. This leads to some Superquick houses in the corner, at the far end of the high street.

The park   Roadworks - as expected nothing seems to be going on

I have made extensive use of the Woodland scenics range and near the branch station, there is a hillside to hide the fiddle yard area. This has been made of modroc over a polystyrene block base. This area has been completely remodelled recently to make better use of it and the hillside was resued from the previous construction. It is perhaps a little too steep and the access to the branch station is only via a level crossing - perhaps a little contrived but it does make the best use of the space. The branch station is a Peco kit and the branch signalbox is a Scenix cast model. The houses in the branch area are by Hornby and Dapol and the pub near the canal is a Hornby kit. The canal water is by Woodland Scenics.

The canal

The figures and small details are from a mixture of ranges but I particularly like the Langley range of figures and details. Cars are mainly by Cararama. The backscenes are currently fairly basic, using Peco sky papers and a re-working of these would benefit the whole layout.