Track Plan

The layout consists of a double track main line with a branch line that re-enters the main loop. The main station has 6 platforms, one of which is for the branchline. The branchline also has a small station. The plan is shown below, the image being taken from the computer mimic panel.

Track plan on the computer mimic panel

There is a set of storage sidings next to the main station that can be reached from a junction on the main line (to the right of the plan). This junction makes use of a double slip. There is also a single slip at the other (left) end of the main station. An engine shed area with 10 roads can be reached via a motorised turntable from the storage sidings - not the best layout for operations but this area is mainly used to show off locos and was a later addition.

A view over the engine shed   The fuelling road on the approach to the turntable and adjacent sidings

The branchline has two sidings with a headshunt (bottom centre of plan in orange) Behind the branchline area is a fiddle yard (bottom left of plan, yellow for up, red for down) with 7 through tracks (3 up and 4 down) and 4 terminus tracks (up). Another double slip is used at the end of the fiddle yard due to the restricted length between it and the double track viaduct (not shown on plan but in the bottom right hand corner). This is made out of 4 Hornby 3 arch viaducts joined together.

The branch line sidings   A class 56 and MGR train crosses the viaduct

The entrances to the fiddle yard are via tunnel mouths and part of the fiddle yard along with the entrance to the branch line (opn the left side of the plan) is hidden under the park area. All the points have a reference on the panel - ie UP1, DN1, BR1 etc. All signals are numbered - ie S1 etc.