I started work on this layout in 2000 and finished it shortly before dismantling it to move house in 2005! As it was fitted into the loft it had to be completely broken up although many parts have been reused in my new layout Tedford & Bearham. The layout lives on via this website!

The layout is not really set in an exact timezone although it is very much modern image. I initially started modelling the late 80's and early 90's, but I have diversified quite a long way from that, inspired by some of the excellent new models now available and the collection is now increasingly varied. There is one main station with 6 platform faces (Southlands Junction) and one branch station (Martinsbridge). The track plan is basically a double track loop but with a branch line and plenty of storage capacity both hidden and visible. The main aim of the layout was to be able to run and display my collection of trains - I don't run to a timetable. I am not particulary good at scratch building so most items on the layout are either ready made or kit built. I try to modify and weather things so that they don't look just the same as on other layouts, and the strategic inclusion of small details helps to add interest.

Please follow the links on the left for more details on the layout. If you have any questions then the easiest way to contact me is via the DCCUK or MERG Yahoo Groups.

The branchline signal box and tunnel mouth   A view across the canal