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Over the last few years I have started running again, having been interested originally in cross-country at school. My most recent significant run was the 2005 Flora London Marathon. I finished this in 4 hours 50 minutes, coming in 23,481st out of 35,105 - this was my first marathon. I've managed a gradual improvement on the Tunbrdige Wells half marathon, which is very hilly course.

Events I have run in are as follows:
July 2014Wimbledon Half Marathon1h 54m 21s
March 2014Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon1h 54m 8s
March 2012Olympic Park 5 Mile40m 07s
September 2011Bexhill Big 10k53m 55s
February 2009Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon1h 56m 34s
March 2008Reading Half Marathon1h 59m 46s
October 2005Nike Run London 10k48m 44s
September 2005BBC Carrot Relay (1.2miles)Lap: 7m 38s, Team: 33m 3s, 8th
July 2005BBC Running Club Regents Park 10k48m 24s
May 2005BBC Running Club Regents Park 5k23m 31s
April 2005Flora London Marathon4h 50m
April 2005Paddock Wood Half Marathon1h 49m
July 2004BBC Running Club Regents Park 10k49m 47s
June 2004BHF Canary Wharf Jog 
March 2004Reading Half Marathon1h 58m
February 2004Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon2h 00m
June 2003BHF Canary Wharf Jog 
March 2003Reading Half Marathon 
February 2003Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon1h 55m

8 miles into the London Marathon
Nearing the end of the Reading Half Marathon 2004       On the open road after Fordcombe hill in the 2004 Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon       About 15 miles round the 2005 London Marathon, in docklands
Nearing the end in Parliament Square, in the 2005 London Marathon       Finishing the 2005 London Marathon       Finishing the 2005 London Marathon
My sponsored run in the 2005 London Marathon attracted some coverage in the local papers:
Article in Bromley Times       Article in News Shopper

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